Dental Care for Pets is More than a Healthy Smile

Like us, pets need dental care too. And let’s face it, because most pets teeth are not brushed twice daily, an annual dental appointment is vital to maintain their overall health. Dental care is so important because the bacteria that forms in the mouth (periodontal disease) can enter the bloodstream and affect organs like the heart, liver and kidneys, causing systemic problems. And because periodontal disease is not reliably detected through a physical examination alone, a comprehensive oral health assessment is needed to properly diagnose, stage, and successfully treat.

Optimal dental care for pets involves:

• Oral health examination including dental x-rays
• Teeth cleaning and polishing
• Extractions if needed

Anesthetic Safety

Most periodontal disease is undetected by the naked eye because so much of it can reside underneath the gum line. That’s why x-rays are necessary to evaluate the entire tooth and root structure as well. We follow the American Veterinary Dental College’s guidance on performing dental care. This means your pet will be anesthetized for their oral exam and cleaning, and monitored by a registered veterinary technician at all times. Every pet will receive:

Complete oral health assessment including x-rays

Cleaning and polishing

Extractions if necessary

Home care recommendations

Did You Know?

Unveiling Pet Dental Care Truths

By 2 years of age, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease. Small- and toy-breed dogs are particularly susceptible. Even after teeth are completely cleaned, plaque forms on tooth surfaces within 24 hours. That’s why a home care regimen is so important. We’ll be glad to recommend specific products to
help you care for their teeth in between visits.

Schedule Your Pet's Dental Exam

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