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Who We Are

Not all veterinary practices that offer assisted reproductive services are created equal.

Kokopelli is the premier theriogenology (reproductive medicine) practice serving Northern California from fully equipped facilities in Sacramento. It’s led by founder Bruce Christensen, DVM, MS, DACT – the region’s only board-certified theriogenologist serving canine and equine breeders and veterinarians – who is respected industry-wide for his deep knowledge and experience.

Canine Reproductive Services-Kokopelli Assisted Reproductive Services

Our practice’s level of expertise gives us:

A proven track record of superior success rates

We work to bring new animals into the world the right way, with good health as our number one priority.

The ability to handle even the most challenging cases

We achieve successful outcomes because of the depth and breadth of our capabilities and our commitment.

As a responsible breeder or veterinarian, it’s important to understand the value that a specialty theriogenology practice like Kokopelli brings to a breeding program. Only board-certified reproduction specialists have the extensive training and deep experience that our veterinarians have.

Animal Reproduction Veterinarians-Kokopelli Assisted Reproductive Services

Delivering Consistently Better Results

For Your Breeding Program

The singular level of expertise we offer is what sets us apart. Think about it–as specialists, we:

have an in-depth understanding of the underlying physiology and pathophysiology of each case we see

remain current with today’s most advanced diagnostic and treatment options and have these resources available right here in our practice

are able to recommend and perform the most appropriate diagnostic tests and provide accurate interpretation of these tests

are equipped to provide leading-edge medical and surgical treatment for even the most complex reproductive and fertility issues

tailor our care to the needs of the individual animal; a one-size-fits-all approach does not fit at Kokopelli

Exotic Species Reproduction Experience

Bruce Christensen, DVM, MS, DACT–the region’s sole board-certified theriogenologist serving canine and equine breeders and veterinarians–is respected industry-wide for his deep knowledge and experience. He’s been bringing that unique knowledge and experience to other areas of the animal world by working closely with wildlife and zoo animals.

An expert on reproduction, Dr. Christensen serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Reproduction Management Center. Additionally, he is also a reproduction advisor for the Mexican Gray Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP) and spends time each year helping this specific species survive and reproduce in captivity with semen freezing and artificial insemination efforts to help supplement the wild population of Mexican Gray Wolves. His unmatched level of expertise, along with the important work he does with wildlife animals, truly sets Dr. Christensen apart in his field.

The wolf seen in this video is one that Dr. Christensen helped create through artificial insemination with frozen/thawed semen: the only successful breeding to date.

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