Breeding for Function Q&A with AKC All-Breed Judge, Pat Trotter

Pat Trotter

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6:00 pm

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Seminar Topic
Pat Trotter is one of the few AKC judges qualified to judge all AKC breeds. She has been involved in the AKC conformation world for over 7 decades and may have the most diversified knowledge of purebred dog standards than anyone alive. When she is not actively judging shows, Ms. Trotter still actively shows her champion Vin-Melca Norweigan Elkhounds. Anyone who has ever heard Pat speak can testify to not only her depth and breadth of knowledge, but also to the talent she has for describing her subjects. Ms. Trotter has a passion for purebred dogs that is infectious, and she has been an outspoken advocate for purposeful breeding with original breed functionality as the goal. Her judging style has always focused on functionality, not fashionable fads. Anyone attending the webinar will leave feeling inspired and enlightened. Guaranteed.
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