Bruce W. Christensen, DVM, MS, DACT
Bruce W. Christensen, DVM, MS, DACT
Kokopelli Assisted Reproductive Services, Founder

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6:00 pm

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You have a litter and you’ve got your eye on a certain male puppy as your pick. Everything looks so promising and then you have your 8-week examinanation and the vet can’t palpate both testicles.

How serious is this? What is the likelihood that they will still drop? Are there any treatments to “help them along”? Why does this happen? Is it genetic? Can you prevent it? What if only one testicle is retained, do you need to take both testicles off?

In this webinar, Dr. Christensen will explain how normal descent of the testes occurs and how things can go wrong. He will discuss the true risks of being a cryptorchid dog. He will also discuss the option of just taking out the cryptorchid testicle and leaving the descended one, and why most vets refuse to do this (but should they…?).

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