Dealing with Fear and Stress in Young Dogs

Ericka Mendez DVM
Ericka Mendez, DVM

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March 8, 2023
6:00 pm

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Seminar Topic

Puppyhood is a time where lifelong personality traits and habits can be established. This is a time when self confidence and self doubt can become deeply ingrained and difficult to change later in maturity. Many bad behaviors in dogs, such as aggression, separation anxiety, chewing, and inappropriate urination/defecation can be tied to experiences in puppyhood, and the poor training, or absence of training, they received at that time.

This webinar will give you information on which to build a solid foundation for your puppies to succeed in their forever homes. Your clients will be thrilled with the puppies they get from you and you will develop a reputation for producing solid, well-balanced puppies that fit in perfectly into their new homes.  

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