Mammary Cancer in our Pets – What You Need to Know

Erica Moore, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Veterinary Oncologist
MarQueen Pet Emergency & Specialty

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6:00 pm

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Mammary Cancer in our Pets – What You Need to Know

Mammary cancer is a big concern for dog owners. It is one of the many reasons cited for spaying females early in life. As it turns out, this information, while strictly correct, has been grossly exaggerated. There is no question that mammary cancer is a concern, and more of a concern for intact bitches than spayed bitches. But having the right information is important for your breeding bitches and for any families adopting bitch puppies from your kennel.

On Wednesday, March 6, at 6 PM Pacific time, Dr. Erica Moore will present a webinar discussing mammary cancer. She will go over risk factors, preventative measures, early detection tools, treatment options, and likely outcomes. A Q&A will follow the presentation and a recording will be sent to all who register, in case you can’t make the live event.

This will be an important webinar for any breeder, both for your own information and in counseling families who adopt female puppies from you.

Learn More About Dr. Moore

Dr. Erica Moore earned her undergraduate and veterinary degree from the University of Tennessee in her hometown of Knoxville. After graduating Dr. Moore completed a rotating internship at a private practice in Southern California and a one-year clinical research position at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Dr. Moore completed her residency at the prestigious U.C.Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital. She is a board certified veterinary oncologist.

Dr. Moore has a passion for treating animals with cancer which stems from her own personal experiences. Prior to veterinary school her beloved Golden Retriever, Nala, was diagnosed with cancer. After the devastating news, she and her family chose to focus their treatment efforts on quality of life – they spoiled her beyond belief! As Dr. Moore reflects back to every tail wag and each delicious treat, it was Nala who helped her to understand that the goal in veterinary cancer treatment was to make sure dogs and cats never know they are sick so that they may keep doing all the things they love most. On her journey, Dr. Moore has had the privilege of meeting so many special dogs and cats, along with their doting parents who have captured her heart and reinforced why she loves what she does every single day!

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