Profiling a Pedigree

Pat Trotter, AKC All-Breed Judge
Breeder, Author, and AKC Judge
Vin-Melca's Norwegian Elkhounds

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6:00 pm

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Seminar Topic

Profiling a Pedigree

If you haven’t met Pat Trotter, there is a void in your life you don’t know about but you really do need to have it filled. Pat is a whirlwind of personality, experience, and wisdom. If you don’t know her, and you see her coming, you would have no idea what is in store until it hits you like a hurricane. Pat has been intimately involved with purebred dogs since she was a teenager. She has been showing, breeding, and judging dogs for decades. She has written an excellent book on the importance of breeding to a standard called “Born to Win.” Every time we hear Pat speak, we feel like we’ve been taken to church. She’s that passionate, inspiring, and knowledgeable about purebred dogs.

Pat reached out to Kokopelli to ask if she could give a webinar on profiling a pedigree. She feels that breeders need to have the skills necessary to analyze a dog’s pedigree in order to make appropriate breeding decisions to take their individual kennels in the right direction. Choosing a foundation bitch, choosing appropriate studs, and making subsequent good decisions to tune and fine-tune your breeding lines comes from understanding both your pedigree and the pedigree of any outcrosses you make.

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