Utilizing Genetic Testing in a Canine Breeding Program

Jenna Dockweiler, MS, DVM, DACT, CCRT, CVAT
Veterinary Geneticist
Embark Veterinary

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6:00 pm

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Seminar Topic

Utilizing Genetic Testing in a Canine Breeding Program

Dr. Jenna Dockweiler will discuss how responsible breeders can use the most modern genetic testing to do everything from inbreeding coefficients to color genetics to parentage testing to disease screening. She will talk about breed-specific focuses and how we can interpret the seemingly overwhelming amount of information we can get from these tests. Dr. Dockweiler will help you understand what results mean for your breeding program and settle your minds that often the results do not tell you NOT to breed, but rather how to choose a good match so that you minimize the chance of passing on deleterious traits to the puppies. Using these tools can help you develop a robust, healthy breeding program. You can more reliably create healthy, thriving puppies that increase the reputation of your kennel and, most importantly, improve your breed.

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